Umbria Dinner Menu

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Goat Cheese Piadina

Stone fired flatbread, herbed goat cheese, and garlic tomato sauce $8

Artichoke Pesto Piadina

Stone fired flatbread, basil pesto, and artichoke dip. $8

Ravioli Spinaci

Spinach and Ricotta raviolis, brown butter, tomato sauce, fresh basil. $9

Polpette di Carne

Umbrian style meatballs, four cheese sauce, shaved romano. $9

Calamari Fritti

Flash fried calamari, parmesan dusted, Romesco sauce, fresh lemon. $10

Margherita Scampi

Sauteed shrimp, tomato herbs, garlic, white wine. $12


Caprese di Fragola

Heirloom tomatoes, house mozzarella, basic, fresh strawberries, pistachios, balsamic syrup. 9


Mixed field greens, tomato, red onion, and croutons. Choose Balsamic or Peppercorn Feta dressing. $8

Caesar Misto

Mixed field greens, croutons, capers onions, romano, red onion, anchovy aioli. $8

Cuneo di Pancetta

Wedge of lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, gorgonzola, and croutons. Choice of Balsamic or Peppercorn Feta dressing. $8

Angelo di Proscuitto

Angel hair pasta, balsamic, basil, parmesan, olive oil, capers, roasted peppers, prosciutto. $10


Gnocchi Quattro Fromaggio

Potato dumpling, pecorino, gruyere, gorgonzola, farmhouse cheese, toasted bread crumbs, basil oil, tomato jam. 14

Veal Pizziola

Angel Hair pasta with house made meatballs, peppers, onions and fresh mozzerella. 15

Umbracelli Pomidori

Thin flat pasta, fresh tomato, garden herbs, roasted garlic, fresh lemon, cracked pepper, pancetta, poached egg. 15

Canneloni di Manzo

Braised short rib, mushrooms, riccotta, four cheese sauce, sangiovese glaze, shaved pecorino. 16

Lasagne Rustica

Three cheese Lasagne, roasted pepper cream, bacon, butternut squash. 18

Fussillini Rustica

Fresh Fussillini paired with choice of Giordino Ragu, Umbrian Bolognese, or Pollo Alfredo. $18

Fussillini di Scampi

Prawns, roasted peppers, onions, basil, garlic, fresh lemon. $20


Rustic Onion

Hearty broth, trio of onion, crusty bread, provolone, parmesan. $6

Savory White Bean

Traditional Italian bean stew, shaved prosciutto, romano. $6



Peppersoni, pesto and provolone with banana peppers and cipollini onion. 17

Margret’s Misto

Heirloom tomato, fresh mozzerlla, roasted garlic, fresh basic, arugula and crumbles farm cheese. 15


Chicken pancetta, forest mushrooms, braised chard, white cheddar and a farm egg. 16


Marina, pesto, artichoke heart, mushroom, tomato, olives, peppers, farmers cheese and provolone 15

Casa Umbria

Sausage, Umbria ragu, pecorino, parmesan, pistachio and red wine syrup. 17

Craft Your Own Pizza

Choose up to 5 market fresh ingredients. 17

Market Boards


Heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic, capponata, basil pesto, roman artichokes, olives, farmers cheese. 13


Proscuitto, soprasetta, olives, basil pesto, roasted garlic, roman artichokes, fresh mozzerella, gorgonzola. 14


Salami, soprasetta, pepperoni, farmers cheese, mozzarella, gorgonzola, basil pesto, capponata, banana peppers. 16

Build Your Board

Choose up to 8 market fresh ingredients. 15


Salmon e Crosta

Herb crusted salmon, vegetable risotto, pesto tomato broth. 24

Osso Bucco

Slow simmered pork shank, truffled mash potatoes, white bean stew, red wine syrup. 24

Pollo Riso

Herb simmered chicken, spaghetti squash, risotto, tomato broth. 19

Casa Misto

Combination plate of prawns, salsiccia, chicken, thyme polenta, Umbrian ragu. 21

Umbrian Filet

Mignontettes, peppercorns, forest mushrooms, pancetta brandy cream, truffled mashed potatoes. 28


Thyme polenta, Umbria ragu, grilled asparugus, crostini, tomato basil jam. 15

Arrosto Manzo

Stone fired strip steak, truffled mashed potatoes, forest mushrooms, fresh asparagus. $28